“A Letter to My Tomorrow”

Dear Tomorrow

I hope you are well…for my sake.

The thought of you crosses my mind more often these days. It brings me a great deal of discomfort when I speculate about who you are and what you will become.

We are still yet to meet, and so I am curious about your appearance, your thoughts, and your choices.

I wonder whether the deep folds bordering your brilliant eyes will unwittingly expose the things you have seen and experienced. Will I look into those eyes and fail to find compassion and the spirit that once drove you to live a life that even I aspire to live? Has the passing of time helped you see things with more clarity, as they are, as they should be?

Do the unpleasant scars on your delicate hands serve as a reminder to never again dare to even dream? Will you ever master up the courage to change and reach for your dreams once more?

The grey on your head tells of the adventures that washed out the joy, wonder, and inspiration from you.
Does the lack of color suggest a lack of passion?

Do you still run toward the warmth of the sun or have your feet grown heavy, frozen to the ground out of suspicion and doubt? Do your legs still jump for joy when you accomplish a seemingly impossible feat or has fear succeeded in holding you back from even taking a single step?

You think your time has run out, that there are no more prospects left for you to reject and no more calls for you to ignore. Will you rewrite your story or will you live and die this way? Only time will tell.

When we finally meet, I pray that you look favorably upon me, as yesterday didn’t treat me so well.

The Present

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